CAPS OFF PLEASE © is a comedy webcomic/blog.  We hope you enjoy our site.  If you want to contribute to this site please go to the forum.  We have created a forum for photoshops and guest comics and we would love to feature your work!

The Rating System Explained

  • The rating system is tracking computers by IP. We know this makes it fairly easy for someone with multiple computers to vote multiple times, but hell its just a website you are not voting for president here.
  • A comic will not show up on top comics unless it has gotten at least 5 votes.
  • Doug will always vote his comics 10 and Sean and Bennett’s comics 0 trying to upset the natural order of the world

The Authors


Sean is the technical brains behind CAPS OFF PLEASE ©  He keeps the website running, maintains the forums, and programs the internets.  He also makes some comics when he gets time but sometime his humor is too nerdy to understand.  Sean hails from North Carolina and owns a little white cat that you will find frequently on our youtube page that has somehow learned how to talk!


In the not so distant past Bennett would have been killed for his thoughts and opinions as well as for being a ginger. He is from Texas and grew up eating candy and butter sandwiches while watching Seinfeld. In third grade he made fun of a kid for not knowing what a “Ménage a trois” was. It was then that he learned that the best forms of comedy come from others’ misfortune or just purely making fun of something. Bennett is a Libra that prefers pizza rolls to fillet.


Doug hails from backwoods Tennessee where he finds time to draw comics between his daily squirrel hunts.  Candy and napping are the fuel behind his comedic above average intelligence (not quite genius, but close).  His drawing skills were refined during boring engineering classes in which he would blatantly ignore professors and draw anime porn.


Adam hates everything and everyone. He constantly refers to himself as the “coolest” person in the room. With an IQ of 41, you’d think he would get a kick out of fart jokes and poop stories. He does. Adam is an avid Simpson’s fan who also enjoys endlessly quoting movies and asking girls for their opinion of water slides. Somehow, he makes it work.


Dan is really awesome. He has a huge penis. No wait, he has 2 penises and he dates really hot twins. Scratch that, triplets. He has only farted 1 time in his life and it was because an annoying girl said he didn’t know how. Whenever girls debate who was better looking between Zachary Ty Bryant and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, they always come to an agreement that Dan Apelian is much better looking than both of them.

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